Photo Special: Pattaya 1968-1984

Published on 5th August 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Pattaya 1968-1984

Pattaya was a small fishing village until the 1960s, then during the Vietnam War American servicemen stationed at nearby U-Tapao or other bases throughout Thailand began visiting the now infamous beach resort.

One story, unverified, has it that it all started when a group of 500 soldiers stationed at the military base in Korat were driven to Pattaya in June 1959 for a week of R&R. They rented several houses at the south end of the beach and despite their short stay, the GIs had a great time and raved about the place on their return to base. Word spread among other American soldiers stationed in the region and Pattaya quickly became a hot alternative to Bangkok. The rest as they say is history.

This gallery takes a look back at Sin City from 1968 to 1984 with the nineties and noughties coming later in the week.

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