quiet road bangkok
September 26th, 2016

Not Often You See Bangkok This Quiet

Mind you, the photo was snapped early on a Sunday morning, so that explains some of it…  

flood korat
September 26th, 2016

Flooding In Korat

Heavy rain on Monday night left Korat under several feet of water… what a nightmare.  

sozzled somchai
September 26th, 2016

Somchai Laid Out Sparkled On Sukhumvit

He must have had a big night on the SangSom….  

give it a shove
September 26th, 2016

Give It A Shove Love

Big tough farmer girl can push that pickup no problem…  

twatpacker drying his undies
September 25th, 2016

More Twatpacker Comedy Gold

Only a twatacker would walk around a train station with a pair of undercrackers hanging off their XXL bumbag to dry. 555+  

moving plastic pipes
September 24th, 2016

Moving Plastic Pipes Like A Boss

You can always depend on Somchai to come up with a grand plan  

strange sights at the 7-11
September 24th, 2016

Strange Sights At The 7-Eleven

Don’t ask me what’s going on cos I haven’t got a clue…  

pointing pic of the day
September 24th, 2016

Is Anyone Looking At What She’s Pointing At?

I sure as shit wasn’t…  

no boat no problem
September 23rd, 2016

No Boat, No Problem

Somchai has got it all figured out for when his soi floods…  

I Will Not Love You Long Time
September 23rd, 2016

I Will Not Love You Long Time

Don’t worry cupcake, it’ll be all over in 2 minutes flat.  

nana plaza
September 22nd, 2016

Nana Plaza Back In The Day

I liked how Cat House, located where you’ll now find Straps on the middle floor of Nana Plaza, was open out on to soi 4… Photo Credit:  

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