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Prohibited Outfits For The Grand Palace

by Stickboy BKK 0

I haven’t met anyone yet who either lives here in Bangkok or is visiting who hasn’t been at least once to The Grand Palace. A must-see, must-go for visitors and residents alike.

Regardless of what the touts tell you it’s open unless there is a national holiday. They may even try to put you off by telling you that your outfit isn’t suitable, which may well be true but you can rent what you need at the front gate allowing you to cover up your sunburnt legs and have a look round this magnificent place.

Below is a poster from the main entrance of The Grand Palace indicating what you can’t wear inside. Simple stuff really. No shorts, no vests, no wifebeaters, no mini skirts…. cover up is the best rules of thumb.

Prohibited Outfits For The Grand Palace

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