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Things are getting back to normal around here so back to the usual daily updates. My apologies for the flaky schedule over the past two weeks.

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Purple Line Price Cuts Coming Sept 1
August 24th, 2016

Purple Line Fare Cuts Coming Sept 1

Prior to opening at the start of August, the operators of the Purple Line that runs from from Nonthaburi into northern Bangkok estimated daily passenger... 

Government Savings Bank Shutdown ATM System After Hackers Steal 12m Baht
August 23rd, 2016

Government Savings Bank Shutdown ATM System After 12m Baht Hack

Government Savings Bank shut down its ATM network after hackers used malware to steal 4.8 million baht from five more machines, bringing the total looted... 

Battling Bargirls
August 23rd, 2016

Pattaya Bargirl Brawl See’s One Bottled, Another Arrested

An argument over one bargirl pointing her foot at another resulted in one being left bottled and needing hospital treatment after the Soi 6 squabble turned... 

Two Teenagers Confess To Murdering Pattaya Ladyboy
August 21st, 2016

Teenagers Admit Murdering Ladyboy Following Unwanted Sex Demand

Two teenage boys, aged just 14 and 17, confessed to murdering and hiding the body of a ladyboy under a bed in a Pattaya hotel following their arrest by... 

Young French Woman Latest Phuket Drowning Victim
August 21st, 2016

Young French Woman Latest Phuket Drowning Victim

A 23-year-old French tourist became the latest Phuket drowning victim after she was washed out to sea in rough waters on Saturday afternoon. Anne-Sophie... 

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Black & White Party Night – Wed 24th August

bangkok beat black and white

Following on from the success of the Sexy Full Moon Party at Bangkok Beat last week, the manager has waved his wand and pulled... Full Story »

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Email Of The Week
August 24th, 2016

Email Of The Week: Pathetic Fools

My inbox can be pretty entertaining at times with all sorts of rants and raves, readers questions and suggestions plus plenty of people sending in photos... 

Cops Out On Khaosan To Make Twatpackers Feel Safe
August 19th, 2016

A Few Thoughts On The Khaosan Kicking

What do you do if a video goes viral of tourists getting the shit kicked out of them in the middle of a world famous street by a bunch of thugs employed... 

Cloudy With A Chance Of Banhammer
August 14th, 2016

Today’s Forecast: Cloudy With A Chance Of Banhammer

The Stickboy Bangkok Facebook page is growing rapidly and with a surge in followers there’s been an onslaught of users who think it’s a free-for-all... 

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Kaomai Lanna Hotel and Resort Chiang Mai

Kaomai Lanna Hotel and Resort Chiang Mai

The Kaomai Lanna Hotel and Resort can be found on the route... 

Afrojack Headlining Waterzonic 2016

Afrojack Headlining Waterzonic 2016

DJ superstar Afrojack is all booked up and returning to Thailand... 

Big Motor Sale 2016

Big Motor Sale 2016

In the market for some new wheels so you can look good when you... 


ALl YCE Pancakes

All You Can Eat Pancakes Only 199 Baht

Starting this Sunday, 21st August, The Game will be serving All... 

199 lunch

199 Baht Lunch Specials At The Game

Starting on Monday 24th July, The Game will be doing new 199... 

Taco Taxi Soi 4

Taco Taxi Opens On Soi 4

I first mentioned the Taco Taxi food truck last August when...