Motorbike fitted with a TV
March 29th, 2015

Motorbike Fitted With A TV

What a complete tool… who the hell would think fitting a TV to your bike to watch as you drive around is a good idea? Obviously this muppet does.It’s... 

One Farrang Lowlife Abuses Another Farrang Lowlife
March 29th, 2015

One Farrang Abuses Another

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. It doesn’t come much better than the example shown in this video filmed by a foul-mouthed Geordie who... 

how to spot fake thai baht
March 28th, 2015

How To Spot Fake Thai Baht

Don’t be put off with the video narrative all being in Thai as the visuals make it all crystal clear what you need to look for on your Thai banknotes... 

Bangkok Woman Scared Of The Rain
March 24th, 2015

Bangkok Woman Scared Of The Rain?

This video was captured during the heavy downpour of rain in Bangkok early Tuesday afternoon and shows a young woman in a right state, crying and upset... 

Thailand In The Sixties
March 20th, 2015

Thailand In The Sixties

An old 16mm film introduces the capital of Thailand back in the sixties with your typical old school narration. It’s a worthy watch even if it is... 

drunk farrang wants a fight
March 20th, 2015

Drunk Farrang Wants To Pick A Fight

A drunk foreigner was captured on camera trying to pick a fight with anyone and everyone who caught his attention on a busy Thai street, especially those... 

Thailand Adventure From Above
March 18th, 2015

Thailand Adventure From Above

A Redditor went on a solo adventure to Thailand for 3 months to visit family and along the way he captured his trip with a filmed on a GoPro Hero 4 Black... 

Korean Tourist KOd Over 200 Baht
March 15th, 2015

Korean Tourist KO’d Over 200 Baht

I’m just dumping this clip into videos as it has been covered elsewhere / everywhere in the news.Back story is simple. A South Korean tourist runs... 

Gerhard Reinke Trip To Thailand
March 8th, 2015

Gerhard Reinke’s Trip To Thailand

This guy Gerhard comes to Thailand for a trip of a lifetime and from what I watched of the video he indulges in every stereotype going. All part of the... 

rice paper pro
March 6th, 2015

Making Rice Paper Like A Boss

Watch this Thai lady churning out rice paper sheets, for spring rolls, like a boss. This is what happens when you do a simple job hour after hour, day... 

Show Off Your Thainess
March 6th, 2015

Show Off Your Thainess, Win A Free Trip To Thailand

Here’s your chance to participate in the One & Only ‘Thainess’ Experience and win a FREE trip to Thailand courtesy of TAT.Discover Thainess... 

thai truck crash
March 4th, 2015

Bizarre Truck Crash

The drivers and passengers of the queuing cars and pickup seen in this Thai road accident clip had a lucky escape when an out of control truck and traler... 

shag bar 2 video
March 2nd, 2015

Singing & Dancing Staff @ Shag Bar 2

I’ve mentioned Shag Bar 2 here on Stickboy Bangkok before for false advertising, as there is no shagging going on in this little known beer bar... 

Teaching Thai kids how to speak Nottingham
February 24th, 2015

Thai Kids Learning To Speak Nottingham Slang

An English teacher in Buriram province has been teaching the kids in his classes some local slang from his hometown of Nottingham much to the amusement... 

New TAT Video Promotes Stalking
February 23rd, 2015

New TAT Video Promotes…. Stalking

No matter what the description on the YouTube page says or the blurb from the official TAT website, this video doesn’t promote tourism, it promotes... 

80s 90s Footage Of Sukhumvit
February 22nd, 2015

80s & 90s Footage Of Sukhumvit, Soi Cowboy & Patpong

This old VHS footage uploaded to YouTube is a must watch. It shows Bangkok back in 1985, 1987 and in 1996.Highlights include a quiet Sukhumvit Rd pre-Skytrain,... 

wife of the year
February 17th, 2015

Video Vault: Wife Of The Year

Digging into Stickboy’s video vault for a YouTube classic here. This Thai woman should have won the Wife Of The Year award for wheeling her drunk... 

Horny Couple At The Beach
February 17th, 2015

Horny Couple At The Beach Need To Get A Room

This horny couple filmed on the beach last night really should have gone and got a room as it looks booze was fueling their desires of “love and... 

Young kid standing up on the back of a motorbike
February 13th, 2015

Idiot Of The Year

This video footage of a young girl standing up on the seat of a motorbike holding on to the driver as it went down a busy road surfaced on Facebook yesterday,... 


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