Hua Hin Back In 1991
May 26th, 2015

Hua Hin Back In 1991

A 32 minute video of uncut, unrendered footage from Hua Hin recorded back in October 1991 when the popular resort town was still a sleepy fishing village.... 

russiand thai thug gun
May 25th, 2015

VIDEO VAULT: Russian Tourist Confronted By Thai Thug With A Gun

Apparently the slap happy Thai guy with the gun caught the Russian tourist messing around with his girl, which obviously he didn’t take too kindly... 

The Dog
May 22nd, 2015

Viral Video Of The Week: The Dog

It is a typically Thai corny extended commercial with a love story but The Dog is quite entertaining. I won’t say too much and give away spoilers,... 

Wardrobe Malfunction at Climax
May 22nd, 2015

A Cheeky Wardrobe Malfunction On The Dancefloor At Climax Nightclub

The lady in red has snared herself a fella with a pocket full of baht for the night and has dragged him up on to the dancefloor at Climax to rub herself... 

popping off in phuket
May 22nd, 2015

It Was All Popping Off This Morning In Phuket

It was all popping off early this morning on a Phuket street when a couple of boozed up Thai women decided to settle their differences the old fashion... 

Dancing Dog in Thailand
May 18th, 2015

Dancing Dog in Thailand

Yup, there’s no doubt about it, Stickboy is easily amused and this video of a dancing dog just confirms that fact.He even keeps beat as he picks... 

ass dancing bed
May 17th, 2015

Booty Shaking To Keep Fit

I think booty shaking is a bit misleading… what this young lady is up to is more like humping the bed. Or maybe I’ve got it all wrong and... 

Farrang Man Attacks Assaults His Girlfriend
May 14th, 2015

Big Farrang Man Attacks & Assaults His Thai Girlfriend At Nana BTS

A large farrang man has been captured on camera battering his Thai girlfriend on Sukhumvit Road under the Nana BTS station.In the three minute video... 

The Nana Song
May 12th, 2015

The “Nana” Song

Is The Nana Song, as I’ve dubbed it, the soi 4 summer anthem for 2015? Officially just called NANA this uptempo pop-dance track comes from The... 

The Economics Of Being A Sex Worker In Thailand
May 12th, 2015

The Economics Of Being A Sex Worker In Thailand

This video, The Economics Of Being A Sex Worker In Thailand, gives us a snap shot of possibly the most common rung of the hooker ladder. An older, past... 

Human Pile Drivers
May 10th, 2015

Human Pile Drivers

A Thai construction crew lay the foundations for a house using their own unique techniques for pile driving. 

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