Homeless Guy Wants To Join The Party
July 7th, 2015

No Ticket, No Problem

Homeless guy wants to join the party but doesn’t have a ticket to take part in the singing and dancing going on over the fence… no problem.... 

bangkok bus gta v
July 4th, 2015

Bangkok Bus Featured In GTA V

Looks like someone has done a bit of modding and added a Bangkok bus to Grand Theft Auto V. Or have I got it all wrong and the famous blue bus has always... 

Showering On The Street
July 2nd, 2015

Showering On The Street

I’ve no clue where or when this clip was recorded of a guy using a drinking fountain to have a roadside shower much to the amusement of the lads... 

Russian Street Fighter Does Battle On Walking Street
July 1st, 2015

Russian Street Fighter Does Battle On Walking Street

All thing considered, this Russian guy does well to stay on his feet despite getting belted from all sides in a street fight that took place outside Insomnia... 

The Darker Side Of Bangkok
June 27th, 2015

The Darker Side Of Bangkok

Watching this supposed “documentary” was hard work and I eventually gave up at the 15 minute mark. I couldn’t take any more of the bullshit.I... 

street racing
June 25th, 2015

Reckless Street Racers

What we have here in this clip are a couple of bellends who thought racing around a busy Bangkok street at five in the afternoon was a good idea.Police... 

It's All Popping Off In Pattaya
June 22nd, 2015

It’s All Popping Off, And Out, In Pattaya

Some YouTube Gold from Pattaya featuring a very pissed off ladyboy and some (tourist ???) police who looked as effed off and angry as the ladyboy who can’t... 

fall out of pickup
June 21st, 2015

You Know What’s Gonna Happen…

… and it does. Go on, hit play and shake you head at their stupidity. 

Crazed Gunman Taken Out by His Own Hostage
June 19th, 2015

Video Vault: Crazed Gunman Taken Out by His Own Hostage

Here is some YouTube Gold from Thailand featured on one of those overly dramatic 90s video clip shows from the USA that shows a Chinese loan shark with... 

Meanwhile At The Mall
June 18th, 2015

Meanwhile, At The Mall

If I was to describe this video in one word it would be WEIRD.I’ve no clue what this couple are up to or what’s going on but strange isn’t... 

13 kids pickup crash school
June 18th, 2015

13 Kids Tossed Out A Pickup, All Get Up And Walk Away

This video is 100% WTF on so many levels. Lets start with a pickup with 13 schoolkids stuffed in the back. Okay, we’ve seen this plenty of time... 

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