new thai submarine
July 30th, 2015

Thailand Wants Submarines

This guy gives them what they want… sorta. 

non pc toiler sign
July 30th, 2015

Thailand Don’t Do Politically Correctness Very Well

And that is one of the things I love about the place. 

it was a great party
July 30th, 2015

It Was A Top Night

Just not for this guy who got hammered and went to bed early 555+ 

meanwhile at hooters pattaya
July 29th, 2015

Meanwhile, At Hooters Pattaya

“Unfortunately there has been some construction delays and the restaurant opening has been pushed into October.”Mark A. Whittle, CFESenior... 

traffic hell
July 29th, 2015

Welcome To Hell

The hell that is the commute home in Bangkok rush hour. 

couple of stunners
July 29th, 2015

A Couple Of Stunners

This pair should have a sign each saying, “Buyers Beware”. 

meet bob
July 29th, 2015

Meet Bob

He’s here for the temples… that’ll be the chrome pole temples? 

welcome to patpong
July 29th, 2015

Welcome To Patpong

Home of the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

flooding in bangkok
July 28th, 2015

Look What A Little Bit Of Rain Does

I’m thinking of going into the boat and canoe business. 

green 7-11
July 28th, 2015

Greener 7-Elevens On The Way

And no I don’t mean thicker stripes on the world famous logo… I’m talking energy saving shops with lots of cost cutting green technology.... 

mouth from the south returns
July 28th, 2015

Return Of The Mouth From The South

He is no longer a monk and says he has unfinished business. Mr Whistle is back… unfortunately. 

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