Spotted in a Thai shopping mall
May 30th, 2015

Spotted In A Thai Shopping Mall

It started off like every other boring trip to the mall… then this. 

JT admirer
May 29th, 2015

JT’s Thai Groupies

She has got the hots for the Chelsea captain, no doubt about with that look in her eyes 555+ 

old thai coco cola ad
May 29th, 2015

Old Thai Coca Cola Magazine Ad

I found this old Thai Coca Cola magazine ad at the same time I spotted these old Pepsi ads. 

keeping an eye on things
May 29th, 2015

1st Class Condo Security

Nothing gets past this fella… 555+ 

free outdoor gym thailand
May 28th, 2015

Keep Fit For Free

Not that I use it but plenty do use these free outdoor gyms dotted around the place. 

Thailand Internet Map April 2015
May 28th, 2015

Thailand Internet Map April 2015

It just looks like a lot of lines and dots and colours, right? Well, you can check out the full scale version here. 

the famous phonebox
May 28th, 2015

The Famous Phonebox

What’s behind the door of this famous phonebox? A lot of untold stories that’s for sure… 

push the litter
May 27th, 2015


Push the litter? 

uncle don
May 27th, 2015

Call Uncle Don For All Your Transport Needs

This fella has got you covered for all your transport needs… almost. No plane Uncle Don? 

dont steal my flip flops
May 27th, 2015

Don’t Steal My Flip Flops

The lock probably cost more than the flip flops. 

pimped bike
May 26th, 2015

Now That’s What I Call Pimped

This pimped motorbike looks like it has been built for a wheelchair user, and it looks pretty damn nifty. It’s certainly an eye-catching in style... 

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