hiw mak
July 3rd, 2015

Hiw Mak

I think this kid is hungry…. down in one, maybe two. 

xxl urinals
July 2nd, 2015

WTF? XXL Urinals

Big boys only? 555+ 

Don Mueang International Airport 1972
July 2nd, 2015

Don Mueang Airport Back In 1972

How times have changed… 

no russia thank you
July 1st, 2015

No Russia, Thank You

At least they were polite about who they don’t want in their bar. 

McDonald's first branch at Amarin Plaza
July 1st, 2015

McDonald’s First Bangkok Branch

The first Bangkok branch of McDonalds pened at Amarin Plaza back in 1985 

use toilet
July 1st, 2015

Now That’s What I Call Smart Thinking

No one is gonna throw in one baht and admit to having a small hose, are they? 

picking up the pick up
June 30th, 2015

One Pickup Or Two?

I suppose you could say the pickup is picking up another pickup? Okay, I’ll STFU and go for a pint now. 555+ 

bts lead
June 30th, 2015

30 Photos Of How NOT To Use The Skytrain

The Skytrain can be hectic and busy enough without having to suffer queue jumpers, pole huggers and seat spreaders but there’s always one, right?On... 

hot dog
June 30th, 2015

Just Another Hot Dog

It has been hot this past few days so easy to see why he’d jump in there to cool off a bit. 

no cycliung on the cycle path
June 30th, 2015

Cycling… Yes? No? Maybe?

Well, can you or can you not ride your bike here? 

filthy toilet
June 29th, 2015

When You’ve Got To Go, You’ve Got To Go

This filthy hole reminded me of the shitter in Train Spotting…  

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