flooding in bangkok
July 28th, 2015

Look What A Little Bit Of Rain Does

I’m thinking of going into the boat and canoe business. 

mouth from the south returns
July 28th, 2015

Return Of The Mouth From The South

He is no longer a monk and says he has unfinished business. Mr Whistle is back… unfortunately. 

valley ball
July 28th, 2015

Anyone For A Game Of Valley Ball?

Or a bit of Batminton? 

iPad Selfies Never Looked So Stupid
July 27th, 2015

iPad Selfies Never Looked So Stupid

Using an iPad as a camera never looked so stupid. 

quiet beer
July 27th, 2015

Anyone For A Quiet Beer?

Only 75 baht too. 

meanwhile in pattaya
July 27th, 2015

On The Road To Pattaya

Should we be surprised at anything we see on the roads here? 

pick up crash
July 26th, 2015

Cutting Corners

A one way trip to the ditch when you cut corners. 

truck tree suk soi 70
July 26th, 2015

Falling Trees On Sukhumvit Eoad

It was truck versus tree this morning at Sukhumvit Soi 70. 

1981 Don Mueang
July 26th, 2015

Don Mueang Back In 1981

The highlight of Don Mueang airport is the gold course… on my first trip here I thought I was seeing things 555+ 

grilled chicken ass for lunch
July 26th, 2015

Lunch Sounds Tasty

I’m always partial to a bit of grilled chicken ass 555+ 

Siam territoral losses
July 25th, 2015

Siam’s Territorial Losses Between 1862 And 1909

A historical map of Siam’s (Thailand’s) territorial losses between 1862 and 1909(Pic cr wikimedia) Via @reddit 

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