bangkok shithole night
July 5th, 2015

At Times Bangkok Really Does Look Like A Shithole

Mind you, it is the end of the night and the street cleaners have done their rounds yet. 

closed sign
July 5th, 2015

Closed… Most Of The Time

Or is it just closed on Sundays? 555+ 

on the buses
July 5th, 2015

On The Buses

Both driver and conductor busy on their phones… and people wonder why so many buses crash. 

Taking It Easy
July 4th, 2015

Taking It Easy

Cheeky bastard even brought a mat… 

wise monkeys
July 4th, 2015

Four Wise Doraemons?

What happened to the three wise monkeys? 

bus 77
July 4th, 2015

The 77

Hope the driver survived this smash… 

7 things to do on khaosan road
July 4th, 2015

7 Things To Do In Khaosan Road

Add number 8 – get in a taxi and get as far away from the place as quick as you can. 

mbk 2000
July 3rd, 2015

Then & Now: MBK Shopping Mall

Here is MBK back in 1985 when it first opened, then in the year 2000 and the most recent photo is from 2013. 

hiw mak
July 3rd, 2015

Hiw Mak

I think this kid is hungry…. down in one, maybe two. 

littler bugs
July 3rd, 2015

Litter Bugs

I hate seeing crap all over the streets… no need for it here or anywhere. 

I love seafood
July 2nd, 2015

I Love Seafood Sign

Well, that’s one way to describe it. 

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