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farrang attcked by bargirl
March 31st, 2015

Bargirl Attacks Pervert Farrang

The details of this story are sketchy at best so let me just stick with the facts for now and we can fill in the blanks with speculation later.The guy... 

step father kills young child
March 31st, 2015

Evil Stepfather Facing 15 Years Behind Bars

The evil bastard who smacked and beat his stepson so badly that the poor little boy never regained conscious and died after being knocked out cold during... 

No More Elephants At Nikki Beach Phuket
March 30th, 2015

Official: No More Elephants At Nikki Beach Phuket

PHUKET: After a week of fierce criticism from around the world, the owners of Nikki Beach Club Phuket have said that effective immediately, they would... 

March 29th, 2015

Australian Man Falls To His Death From Rooftop Of Silom Condo

BANGKOK: A 56-year-old Australian businessman fell 18 floors to his death from a Silom condo on Sunday evening.Pol Lt Preecha Polsa from Thungmahamek... 

khaosan bkk
March 29th, 2015

UPDATED: Khaosan Midnight Closing Crackdown ???

I’ve heard from various people both last night and today that around midnight on Saturday the cops were out in full force on Khaosan Road closing... 


UPDATED: Spankys Got Spanked

Spankys Nana Plaza

Oh, how times have changed in the after dark entertainment biz…belts are being tightened, (who’d have thought... Full Story »


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tourists dumped on the tollway
March 21st, 2015

Tourists Dumped On The Tollway… Smells Like BS To Me

This photo taken on Monday showing a foreign couple with a young kid stood on the side of a busy Bangkok tollway supposedly dumped there by a grumpy taxi... 

underboob outrage
March 17th, 2015

Underboob Outrage

With Monday usually a slow news day in Thailand the announcement from The Ministry of Culture that “underboob selfies” were now considered... 

March 15th, 2015

The 5,000 Baht Barfine Has Landed

Go-go bars are noisy at the best of times, the girls command of the English language probably isn’t gonna get them an A in any exam and when you... 


Pitbull Live In Bangkok July 2015

Pitbull Live In Bangkok July 2015

Mr Worldwide is heading to Bangkok for a live show at the Impact... 

Bangkok International Motor Show 2015

Bangkok International Motor Show 2015

The 36th Bangkok International Motor Show takes place at the... 

Players Championship Snooker 2015

Players Championship 2015

The Players Championship Snooker 2015 tournament is being held... 


English Breakfast 199thb

199 Baht Breakfast At The Game

Fancy a 200 baht English breakfast around lower Sukhumvit? If... 

hooters bangkok

Hooters Is Coming To Bangkok

Following on from the massive success of Hooters Phuket, the... 

buy 1 get 1 free march 2015

Buy 1 Get 1 Free @ Pizza Company Throughout March

There are plenty out there who like to talk about Pizza Company... 


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bargirl stories

Top 10 Bar Girl Lies

Top 10 Bar Girl Lies 2015 Edition

Bangkok bar girls lie. They all do it. Your “girl” isn’t different regardless of what you think, she lies too and deep down you know... 

bangkok happy ending

Caught Working At A Happy Ending Massage Parlour

After a year something happened, the light-bulb went on and the wee bell in his head went ding. Something just wasn’t adding up with her stories... 

Big Mac And A Blow Job

Big Mac And A Blow Job

I wonder what the bigwigs at McDonalds HQ in the States would think if they walked into their branches on lower Sukhumvit to find that there’s much... 


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